View Full Version : Enjoy It!

07-25-2003, 08:45 AM
I know it is the nature of Sox fans to have doom and gloom on their minds but I think it is time for all Sox fans to forget the media, tinkering, loss of prospects, the Cubs and enjoy the moment. This team is playing like a team and is never giving up. As much grief as the Sox have caused us fans this year they are playing some inspired baseball. In 2000 the Sox started so hot that by the time everybody jumped on board they played average in the second half and we all know what happened against Seattle. As crazy as I get when I watch Sox games even last night there were times where I was ready to accept defeat thinking that the Sox would only be 5 back and just had a six game winning streak. They had great pitching and pulled it out last night. I look forward to catching 2 of 3 this weekend and hope to enjoy the games with a stadium full of Sox fans.