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34 Inch Stick
07-18-2003, 08:17 AM
Selling pitchers, and outfielders
a lie, a lie lot.

Let the sale begin boys. Everything on sale. You want an Alomar- heck I've got two of them. You want a corner outfielder- I've got them by the score. You say you're in the market for a workhorse starter done my friend.

All I want in return is: a major league ready shortstop prospect, a major league ready second base prospect, a major league ready leadoff hitting center field prospect and some pitching prospects.

07-18-2003, 08:28 AM
The Sox aren't going to get much for R.Alomar who plays like an old man.I'd like to see the Sox get rid of Everett(cubs maybe) & Alomar.With Rowand & Harris at CF & 2nd our defense is far superior to what it is with those old has-beens out there.I mean we ain't going anywhere but down right now.I don't know how much they can get for Colon(who looks like he may be hurt)right now.

While your at it send Manuel home and tell Ken Williams to pack up his office because BOTH of those hirings turned out to be a total disasters.

As for JR its like the man said

"What do we do now?"