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07-14-2003, 04:42 PM
willie harris- d- bit disapointed but makes some great catches
sandy alomar c very experienced has come up with clutch hits injured too much
paul konerko d is coming on now would be an f 2 weeks ago
miguel olivo c- in time will be very good needs to learn to hit
joe crede c- i expected more
r.alomar d+ very good fielder hasnt found stroke
jose valentin c very streaky hitter
brian daubach c+ great utility has had some clutch hits
t graffanino c when he plays things happen
daubach/graffanino are like herbert perry/ graffanino years ago
a rowand c- disapointing id trade him
c lee b- headed to 100 rbis 30 homers, young will be very good
frank t- b+ having the year i figured, should be an allstar, still one of the best
carl everitt c- hasnt showed much yet, but does hit doubles, defense liability
magggggggggggs a- the best rightfielder in baseball, will have a great 2nd half- he said so

rick white f this guy blows
danny wright d- it takes awhile after surgery give him a chance in minors 1st
billy koch f ugggh gross pleaase trade him
gary glover d is he still with us? fooled me!!
mike porzio c- based on past performances give him time
dave sanders c actually has pitched well
jon garland c+ i still like this kid, will be a winner
m buehrle c has improved greatly in past months will win 20 next year
bartolo colon b a stud- wish we could resign him
tom gordon b- has pitched very well most of the time
E.LO- a who would have thought-all star starter-BETTER resign him
damaso marte a- should be the closer- so young- very high on him
kelly wunsch b- hasnt pitched much but from past performances cn be one of the best set up guys

jerry ghandi manuel very up n down-mostly down gone by next year bank on it

overall hitting a c- pitching b- manager d-

still gonna win it have faith

07-14-2003, 04:48 PM
How can you say our pitching is a B-. That's the only thing that's kept us somewhat afloat...if anything i'd give them a b+/a-

07-14-2003, 04:52 PM
a b- isnt bad- i was expecting buehrle & colon to have 10-11 wins by now, garland 9-10 and koch atlease 12 saves,
atleast loizas been a stud

07-14-2003, 05:08 PM
Paulie is an F, no doubt. A couple good days can't erase a horrible first half. Besides, as a rule of thumb, anyone south of .200 has to be an F.

Porzio gets an INC (incomplete). Can't base a grade on one performance.

Manager should be an F, too. This is division is a joke, he has been given a ton of talent, and he still can't manage the team to a division title. I mean, he should be able to sleepwalk his way to a title, but he has (once again) managed to screw it up (no pun intended).

07-14-2003, 05:20 PM
Originally posted by soxwon

still gonna win it have faith

What is this faith based on?

I've never been one of those "sky is falling" types, but this team hasn't shown me anything this year. What have they shown you that makes you believe they are a contender?

They'd have to go 40-28 the rest of the way just to win 85 games. They just went 3-7 on a trip to Tampa, Detroit, and Cleveland. How in the world do you think they will go 40-28 after the All Star Break? We can't beat the D-Rays or the Tigers, but you think we will beat the Yankees, Mariners, or even the Royals?

I don't understand the logic. Please explain.

07-14-2003, 07:31 PM
I agree with WhiteSoxWinner. In fact, I would go so far as to blame Konerko for most of the offensive woes this season. He left a HUGE hole in the line up where everyone expected him to play a power role. He put more pressure on the other players and let down his team, fans, mother, God and country.

And FarmerAndy is right about this team winning 85 games. Nooo way. I don't care if you get Sparky Anderson to manage this team (he is available by the way, I saw him playing golf just last week out here), this team doesn't have the make up of a champion. I know I'm really harping on this, but for Konerko to take such a huge crap at the plate is an incredible let down. Even if he hit just .250 I would wager that the Sox would be over .500 by a game or so. A slump is one thing, but to tank like that? JM's an easy one to blame. But he wasn't hitting .187.

07-14-2003, 07:54 PM
Originally posted by LASOXFAN
JM's an easy one to blame. But he wasn't hitting .187.

Manuel is the one who insists on giving Konerko playing time. As bad as Konerko has been, I can't blame him for simply being in the lineup. Manuel decides what lineup he will use each day, and Manuel is the one who has final say about who receives the majority of the playing at a particular position. Therefore, I blame JM for being stupid enough to leave Konerko and his .187 batting average in the lineup.