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Viva Magglio
07-13-2003, 10:58 PM
I just got back from The Cell where I had a good time watching the Futures All-Star Game and the Celebrity & Legends Softball Game. The highlight of the latter was seeing Bo & Harold go back-to-back. And Harold's blast was opposite field!

However, a LOT of people may be talking about the fiasco at McCormick Place today. I got there about 1:45 and asked the people at the information desk where to go to catch the shuttle bus to The Cell. I was told to wait in front of the Hyatt which my brother and I did. Shortly before 2:30, when at least a 100 people were waiting, a few MLB/ASG "volunteers" appear and inform us that these shuttles are only for MLB guests staying at the Hyatt.

Soon a lot of :angry:'s appeared. None of these "volunteers" know where we are supposed to go. Tempers were really beginning to flare among those wondering where to go. Soon, about 50-75 fans converge on the McCormick Place information desk and nobody knows anything. This was a textbook case of head up the rear end disease among them. Finally, we are told that the shuttle buses are all the way in the 31st Street parking lot which is alongside Lake Shore Drive between the Stevenson Expressway and 31st Street. The buses were lined up about halfway between the Stevenson and 31st. From McCormick Place, this is quite a walk! This only further infuriated the fans.

It was only about a 10 minute ride to The Cell once we got going, but I and hundreds of fans were quite furious. I went right to the Guest Services window behind home place and officially filed a complaint. I wrote a brief explanation of what went on and ended it with a request that this be brought to the attention to top brass.

This experience nearly ruined the day for me. I think the fact that no one at McCormick Place knew where people should go to catch the shuttle buses is extremely inexcusable, especially considering the fact that there was more than a year to plan for this. Several parties are at fault: the White Sox, McCormick Place, and Major League Baseball. It is things like this that contribute to the fact that we only draw under 20,000 per game. It is the kind of stuff we do not need.

07-13-2003, 11:29 PM
yknow.......the cta could've had express busses planned for this too.....instead...they want us to take a transfer or two to the park.....