View Full Version : Does Keith Foulke have those plastic braces?

Bisco Stu
07-12-2003, 02:30 PM
Goofiest smile ever on Foulke in the HUGE write up on him in today's Chronicle. Huge picture too, and he must have those invisible braces or something. Either that, or he's got the worst teeth this side of an Elvis convention.

And to rub it in, yes, the focus of the article is how Keith is "coming home to the All-Star Game."

07-12-2003, 02:49 PM
Yes he definatley has the braces. I was giving him a real hard time when I was in the bullpen sports bar. I was able to go back there becuase when it was closed off to the rest of the park. I know someone there and we just drank and talked to the A's bullpen fo awhile during a rain delay. Excewpt we really didn't talk to them....actually we were harrassing them. It was great becuase I was giving Foulke a real hard time about blowing the Yankee game last season (Sox lead 4-1 Buehrle was AWESOME). And I mentioned how pissed I was that he screwed up at the beginning of the season in Seatlle. He just kept saying "What about the 99 other saves I got you?" Anyways, YES he has those messed up clear braces.