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08-23-2001, 09:50 AM
I happened to be surfing MLB sites and I came across this on the Devil Rays site concerning ugly-as-hell Tropicana Field.

From the start of this ambitious, 16-month, $85 million, 319,000-square-foot expansion and throughout the arduous, complex process of prioritizing improvements it was the clear, singular vision of the Devil Rays management team, led by Managing General Partner Vince Naimoli, that would transform a functional but unimpressive dome into one of the finest sports and entertainment facilities in the country. The end result is what some have called a ballpark mall, a reference to the innovative fashion in which the core of the facility the ballpark has been neatly integrated into a dining, retail and entertainment complex that can turn the game experience into a day full of fun and exploration.

It's insteresting that some people WANT a ballmall, eh?

Darnit, I knew I should've moved the Sox to Florida...