View Full Version : The KW and JM combination - worst EVER

07-10-2003, 11:24 AM
Let's take a step back and look at the White Sox.

2001? Expectations, didn't meet them. Fine, it's hard to come back after a season like 2000.

2002? Very doable. Bring guys in, no chemistry, doesn't work. .500 season in an average division.

This year? HUGE expectations. More or less disgusting play sprinkled with a few winning series. Good starting pitching.

In all these seasons, what makes you believe that KW-JM can combine to do ANYTHING? I'm as big a sox fan as any, and I knew the Twins wouldn't be that good. I didn't realize before the season how truly inept this management team is (although most all trades ESP. Foulke Trade I completely disagreed with). With all the talent, I thought, we'd still find a way. Well, my friends, it isn't going to happen.

Point 1: Bring in Daubach! Bring in Rios! Cram the potential lineup so Jerry doesn't know what to do (even more!). Good job KW! When these guys do play how can you expect that they produce, because it's only some of the time!

Point 2: The team is playing well. They OWN the Twins. Hey, let's go TRADE for more guys to clutter the lineup! Let's bring in a guy who doesn't play center field regularly to play for a guy who is hitting (Rowand) and we know can play fine in CF. Oh, now let's platoon these guys! What fun.

If anyone read Rob Neyer's article today about the Twins, like him or not, you can see that this is the same thing the Sox are suffering from. They don't know what to do with certain positions, to stick with certain guys, and meanwhile the stockpile of talent is rotting away.

Let's keep what we have when it comes around. Alomar strikes out an ungodly number of times upon coming over. Why don't we blame that on Jimenez too! Carl Everett can't play CF or hit? Man, it's the other players that surround him!

None of this can be because of mismanagement in assembling / running a team, can it?

Think again, folks. We won't win until BOTH JM and KW are GONE. Don't get duped or excited about trades.

Please tell me Why one makes trades when a team is playing well????????

I could be wrong (I hope I am), but there is no reason to think that we'll win. NONE.

07-10-2003, 11:46 AM
You're half right - Everett deal was probably not necessary.

Jimenez had to go, though. He's a loser who screws up at the worst possible times.

For all of the whining about Jose's errors, he rarely makes them in big, late-innining situations. Jimenez ALWAYS did - i.e. vs. Cubs on 6/27, vs. D-Backs on 6/3, vs. Padres on 6/14. Likewise, his baserunning blunders - vs. Twins in a huge game 6/24 (not in late innings, but 1st inn. of a huge game), vs. D-Backs on 6-4.