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07-09-2003, 12:54 AM
As in recent convert from the AOL board, I kinda lost it after today's game but thought I would post on the WSI my post from over there.

I am so sick of this, how many times do we manage not to show up. Few points of note:

-Right handed pitcher, and we leave Konerko in?? It was brought to my attention Paul has grounded into a league leading 13 DPs and oh yeah he is hitting .180!!!!!!!!!!! Where is Daubach? WHat a joke, absolutely destroyed any kind of rally.

-As I noted to Brian, Frank is 0-11 as the DH. He went 2-4 Sat as the 1B. What is wrong with Jer? He getting greedy now?? Frank is hitting .350 as 1b, .240 as DH. Figure it out!!! This is so tiring. The guy is clearly a complete moron.

-Speaking of being a moron, why can't we EVER establish a lineup? It seems we have at least one regular have a day off every freakin game. In 2000, we had the same lineup day in and day out. It's tiring real tiring.

-On a positive note, nice job by Gordon when he gets traded in two weeks his new team will enjoy him.

Parting Shots: This kind of loss is just tiring, sickening, and makes me ill. Clear managerial problems don't help at all. It seems like we may white flag soon at this rate. I am willing to bet Manuel doesn't have the sense to play Frank at 1b, he'll just rest him again. Even money he sits. Anyway, I feel like I am going to vomit after losing 3 of 4 to TB and Detroit. The pompous home plate ump doesn't help at all either. What a joke. Anyway, if there is one thing we can win maybe it's Frank a spot on the All Star team.

Smokin Joe

"The Sox should take the US Cell money and pay for the implosion of the Metrodome"