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07-02-2003, 09:13 AM
The Rangers will recoup either two or three young players who will come from a pool of eight players agreed upon by them and the White Sox. General manager John Hart said the trade would be complete by the trade deadline of July 31.

"It will be a combination of pitching and position players," Hart said. "We could go with several combinations, some of which will give us two players and others that will give us three."

In talking about the players the Rangers may receive, Showalter said all will be younger than age 25 and should bolster the organization. "It's a good deal. We have a chance to put two and maybe three guys into our system that can really help," he said.

"The White Sox got a good fit for what their needs are," Showalter said. "He plays three positions and he brings it every day. He's been a rock for us all year."