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07-02-2003, 07:50 AM
I was just contemplating some things in the early hours of work when there is nobody to make sure I'm being productive :smile: .

Think of all of this assuming Everett is the usual center fielder (why wouldn't he be?).

I like the idea of Thomas as the usual first baseman. I think he hits better when he doesn't worry so much about it. If he is DH, all he has to concentrate on is his hitting, and it goes downhill. When he plays first more often, he seems like the Thomas we used to know and love.

However, the way Daubach and Rowand have been playing lately, I like the idea of them being in the line up consistently, perhaps as a DH? I am unsure of my opinion on how they would perform offensively only in the line-up one or two times a week.

BUT... if Daubach or Rowand is the DH (all this being hypothetical, of course) where does Konerko come in? A lot of people would say that "he sucks right now...keep him out of the line up...etc." But a player isn't going to improve if he isn't given a chance. We all know that Konerko has the potential to be an offensive powerhouse. But I am having trouble deciding how much of an opportunity he should be given if there are other players that can fill the gap.

Am i missing anyone? Am I being ridiculous? What does everyone think?

Ryan Hoffman

07-02-2003, 07:56 AM
how does hawk say it?