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07-02-2003, 07:17 AM
All right, so I spent the last week up in the windy city for the first time. Got to see all 3 games of the Cubs series, and the first game against the Twinkies.

Some observations:

- Rowand is in a groove, really swinging the bat well for once.

- Garland was just flat out dominant for 6 innings on Monday, kept everything down, was ahead of every hitter it seemed.

- Loaiza, though he gave up 5 to the Cubs, wasn't falling behind batters, he was in the strike zone, just getting hit there. Don't know if that makes it any better....but it's just one start

- Frank seems like the Frank of old, 'nuff said

- Maggs seems to be finding his stroke too, as are Valentin and C. Lee

- I've got an untrained eye, but Crede's swing seemed really long to me, especially in Monday's game, despite the homer he had.

- Jimenez just was horrendous in the field, though he did bring in the game winner on Saturday.

- The bullpen was really solid, especially Flash, getting out of those jams in Friday's game (before creating one in the 9th) was one of the most exciting moments in the whole series, the stadium was just rocking

- Speaking of the cell, I think it gets a really bad rap. Being from near D.C., I get to Camden Yards a decent amount. Now, I'm not trying to compare the two stadiums, but there were definitely some similarities. That picnic area and shrubbery in centerfield definitely reminded me a bit of the feel I got at a game in Baltimore.

Also, we were stuck in the upper deck for all 3 of the Cubs games, and while steep, I didn't think it was that bad, and actually gave me a pretty good view of everything.

Then, I get off the plane yesterday, and I hear about the Alomar and Everett deals, man, what a week!

Ah, and I got to meet voodoo and IWC before Saturday's game, nice to put some faces with names...or with screennames...or, well, whatever.

It's good to be back though, posting semi-infrequently as always.


07-02-2003, 07:29 AM
Well, Chicago is my hometown, and I'm glad you enjoyed your time here. Not to mention, you came to see the Sox, which is great considering how many people come from all over the place to see that "other team" in town. It's great you're a fan, and keep on spreading the word about WSI on your campus.