View Full Version : What we need - is a hitter

07-01-2003, 04:26 PM
if we are going to play stopgap solutions. Get a hitter on this team who we can stick in the outfield somewhere. Perhaps an infielder would do, but we just wasted a spot with Alomar II. Get a hitter who can get on base and walk a little, too. It doesn't matter if they can play great CF or not - just someone who can hit. Don't need a slugger either - just a good hitter.

A fifth starter (ahem, ponson) is the least of our problems. We need someone who can help us win every day. We also need someone who can help once in the playoffs - hitters can do that; 5th starters perform to mop-up duty and aren't nearly as important in the playoffs.

Get us a hitter, Kenny Williams