View Full Version : Kiley: Columnist & Cub Apologist

06-30-2003, 08:32 AM
Dont know if anyone got to read the Sunday SunTimes.
Kiley wrote an article, where he crossed the Journalistic
Line by Applauding Sammys self-imposed Media Boycott
(surprise, when he does something bad, he suddenly doesnt
want to talk. nice.) and called him a hero and team leader
for "Speaking Up". Ummmm Mr. Kiley....hes a selfish SOB
who just wanted to say something, thats all. DOnt make him
a Hero. cub fans will read that and believe what you write.

Kiley ALSO HAD THE GALL to suggest that the CUBS may
not be looking at the series as a be-all end-all and that the
SOX may be playing FULL TILT. He merely suggested that
the cubs "dont seem to be" playing as hard as the White Sox,
for the "Mythical City Championship". He Makes a Bold Suggestion like this, then CANT BACK IT UP, because none of the cub Players Colloborated this Statement by him. SO WHY PRINT IT KILEY? I know why, because you can help yourself.
Can someone please
Slap this guy? im tired of his championing the cub cause.
Does Mike Kiley remember how in 1993, the exhibition game
at Comiskey, the cubs were supposed to only let Frank Castillo
pitch 3 innings, and per usual, both teams would let the AAA
rosters play the game out?? Does he remember how come the
4th iinning, and the Cubs having taken an early lead, Trotted
out the whole lineup out there intact? I was very surprised
and so the Sox responded in KIND and kept their whole lineup
out there. Was the 1st time that both teams kept their lineups
intact, til Thomas hurt the poor cubbies with his Double in the
9th to beat them. The cubs dont care about winning these
games? What a load of BS Kiley. You know better than that
and your Cubpoganda you call your "reporting" is really making
you look bad. STOP "PLANTING" stories for yourself and your
cub fan base.

06-30-2003, 08:42 AM
Let's see sammy talked after making a decent catch, shocking. he finally saw himself as a hero and the damn media goes nuts over him talking. Saw him yesterday swinging from the heels all day and the cubs just needing him to put the bat on the ball. Did not hear him talking about that.
As far as the cubs not trying as hard, what a joke. They were in first place, isn't that enough reason to "try hard", now that they are in 3rd I guess they will just give up.
Stick it Kiley :angry: