View Full Version : Wow, things change fast!

08-21-2001, 11:21 PM
Just reading through some old threads on here, and came across this one from just a few short weeks ago.

LOL! I love it!

08-22-2001, 11:31 AM

Great article---thanks Cheeses!!!!!

08-22-2001, 12:11 PM
The Cardinals are still the NL Central champs, last time I looked. The Flubs haven't won squat yet. Until they do, they're still losers in my eyes.

Good call on the Cards too!

My favorite Moronic line:
With the McGriff deal, the Cubs now have enough offense to definitively say they are a better all-around club than Houston.

What was he on when he wrote this? Sham-ME's got 121 RBI, and Coomer is in 2nd place with 48! Yeah, that blows Alou, Bagwell, Berkman, Biggio, Hidalgo and Castilla right out of the water! LOL
BTW, McGriff is hitting a whopping .243 since joining the Flubs.