View Full Version : Mike Kiley: Cub Fan or Beat Writer ?

06-24-2003, 05:32 PM
Reading his Cubpoganda today, Im feeling this guy is really
blurring the line between OBJECTIVE reporting, and mindless
Commentary. Hey, if hes a COLUMNIST, he should have his
own COLUMN and quit with his Cub Wishes and Fantasies.
It just makes himself look bad to a guy like me, who watches the Media for this kind of Nonsense. Mariotti shouldve written
this article.....Not Kiley. His editor needs to put a Foot in
to his Backside. If the guys too LAZY to write a report, and
wants to use ink/paper to vent his views, he should be COLUMNIST, not a scrub (no pun intended) beat guy.
thats all. back to you Linda (Yu)

06-24-2003, 05:37 PM
OK OK OK. let me say one more thing here about his
column today and why im writing this. Irresponsible "columns"
like his merely PROVOKE and INSPIRE more Cub Fans to
act/speak in a way that they most likely probably wouldnt
have acted/spoken had things run their natural course.
So Kileys opinion is that the Cubs should destroy Club Wrigley
(the equivalent of killing the goose the layed the golden egg)
so that they could be Champions someday. Kiley, keep
your views to yourself, let the real columnists put the news/views
out there. If anyone remembers, my joke about him, was
that he was the Hardest Working Cub Fan in the Media Today
(Martin Murphy at the Score is THISCLOSE behind him) He
was putting non-stories and various other Cub Fluff BS out
all Winter long, making it hard for the Sox to get any kind of
news in print. This guy was a 1 Man Propoganda Campaign.

Foulke You
06-24-2003, 05:45 PM
I like today's article with Kiley lamenting about how Wrigley "is not a hitter's park" and that is why the Cubs are struggling for offense. Kiley's article went on to basically say Great American Ballpark and Minute Maid, plus the humid St. Louis air are the reasons the Astros, Reds, and Cards all hit better than the Cubs. The Cubs offense is stuck in low gear because they play their home games at Wrigley.

I've heard some laughable theories on why the Cubs don't win but Wrigley being a pitcher's park has to take the cake. 368 foot power alleys (365 with the bozo basket) and it isn't a hitters park? Please. Wind or no wind, most MLB players can jerk one into the basket for a homer on any given day in that park. What lands in row 3 at Wrigley gets caught in front of the warning track at the Cell. The only part that is deep at Wrigley is the corners but the power alleys are where it counts.

Here is a strange concept for Mike Kiley to accept. The Astros, Cards, and Reds hit better because they have better hitters maybe? Nah, too radical. Must be the ballpark!

06-24-2003, 07:13 PM
can you link to the article? i don't get the trib, or whichever paper he writes for