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Lip Man 1
06-07-2003, 09:29 PM
This was in Sports Illustrated this week (with Tim Duncan on the cover...)

"What are the chances that the White Sox can make the playoffs after finishing May at 25-29? About 5%. here's a history lesson in the seven full seasons of the wild card format:

* Only three of the 56 postseason teams began June with a losing record: the 1996 Cardinals, the 97 Astros and the 2002 A's.

* Of the 43 teams that led their division at the start of June, 29 ended the season in first place.

* Only two teams led by four or more games at the start of June and didn't make the playoffs, the 2000 D-backs and the 01 Phillies.

Those numbers suggest the Braves and Mariners should feel secure. They also hint however, that the White Sox and the Angels are more pretenders then contenders."

Just FYI.