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06-06-2003, 11:39 PM
Top 10 (http://sports.espn.go.com/chat/sportsnation/story?page=chicago-ny030605)

Only one Sox moment, but three Cub moments including one that never even happened. What about Andy Hawkings pitching a no hitter but still losing? Or all those great Sox Yanks brawls?

06-06-2003, 11:41 PM
sox 4 games sweep of the yanks in 2000

06-07-2003, 01:04 AM
A great moment was when the sox lit up mcdowell and he gave the crowd the finger. The sox were paying back mcdowell for him leaving the team.

06-07-2003, 06:30 AM
June 1957, Comiskey Park: Larry Doby charges Yankees pitcher Art Ditmar after Ditmar tries to bean Doby and then adds insult to injury by hurling a racial epithet at him. The benches clear - twice. Sox first baseman Walt "Moose" Dropo pummels Yankees supersub Enos Slaughter after Slaughter scratches Dropo's face with his fingernails.

The last Slaughter is seen is leaving the field with his shirt ripped off his back and the beak of his cap pointed towards his ear.

Of course it would have been much sweeter if Billy Pierce had won the game, but no such luck.

T Dog
06-07-2003, 11:09 AM
Such lists are naturally flawed when they mix spontaneity with achievements. Like a night game in Wrigley Field is a great moment just because it's a night game. Most of these don't even have anything to do with baseball.

My favorite moment involving the Sox and Yankees (everything else bores me) is Carlton Fisk tagging out two Yankee runners at the plate on the same play. I think that happened a couple of day's before Seaver's 300th win.

06-07-2003, 11:56 AM
Jack Mcdowell was TRADED. He did not "leave" the Sox. Uncle Jerry shipped him off to NY.

06-07-2003, 04:04 PM
Andy Hawkins pitching a no-hitter against the Sox and still losing has to be up there.

06-07-2003, 04:34 PM
How about when Pudge told Deion Sanders to show a little respect for the game? Right there in the batters box at Yankee Stadium.

I miss Pudge.