View Full Version : Enough is Enuff

Nellie Comiskey
06-05-2003, 10:10 PM
I checked again on the score late last night and saw the sox lost another one. We are beyond rediculous in regard to making staff changes. The question is: Do the Sox really want to win? We're not to July and I'm already worn out (frustratingly) following the South Siders. Would any team have waited to pull the trigger on a managerial change...heck look at the Marlins our former skipper Torborg got canned a couple weeks ago and they're hopeless(admittedly there was a huge rift between the GM and Mgr). I am convinced Manuel cannot bail the Sox out of the whole they're in. Yes the deficit is attainable to overcome....but the Sox need a firey leader(more than ever), one who is intense and is ready to go to war everyday. I liked Manuel prior to the collapse...he is just not working out. We all know Ward's dismissal is the first (in a domino effect) action of many to come. I was so optimistic on this team....contrary to recent articles they do have the talent to win(sure there are holes but every team has them if you struggle). A couple weeks ago it appeared KW was gone, how is he sticking around? Loyalty is an admirable trait, but not when it is self destructive. The Chairman is loyal, however it's time to cut bait and try again. I know this topic is beating a dead horse to death...however most teams are beating our (temporary) dead horse(the Sox) daily. :luis&nell