View Full Version : Bench Graffanino

06-04-2003, 02:03 AM
As bad as Crede and Valentin have been, there's no way either has managed to screw things up as badly as Tony Graffanino has in the past week alone. He made another error tonight. Why does Jerry "The Tinkerer" Manuel insist on keeping him in the lineup? The regulars are the ones who should be out there playing. Tony can wait for the occasional Sunday afternoon game if he wants to play.

This team is awful right now. The only way that things will improve is if key players start performing better. This requires, however, that the players in question are in the lineup every day. Joe Crede is supposed to be the future at third base. Yet, he's in the lineup about half the time. I wonder what the Sox won-loss record is when Tony is playing. Jimenez, Crede, and Valentin should be playing most of the time. The bench shold remain exactly that, the bench.