View Full Version : I can't believe this.

06-03-2003, 01:32 PM
I checked the standings today for the first time in a while, and see that the Sox are *still* only 6.5 games back.

Amazing. What a terrible little division we have. KC is now at .500 after that amazing start, and even the Twins are struggling.

(Not that I'm at all suggesting that the Sox will catch either of these teams this year.)

Foulke You
06-03-2003, 05:43 PM
It's really quite amazing isn't it? If we could've hit AVERAGE with RISP this season with the pitching we've gotten, we'd probably only be a couple games out of first place. Losing 3 to the Tribe however, doesn't put a lot of confidence in me for an offensive turnaround.

06-03-2003, 06:27 PM
I wouldn't call it "only" 6.5 games back. That seems like a good amount to me, and it's only going to get larger. I think when people talk about how the Sox are "only" so many games back, it lets them off the hook a little bit. I expected this team to be in first place, not fourth, which is rapidly approaching.