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05-30-2003, 11:29 PM
Three straight years of high expectations. Three straight years of disappointment. But which season was worse?

05-31-2003, 12:25 AM
this one. I thought for sure that we'd already had our fair share of dissapointment and that we finally had a sound team from top to bottom

05-31-2003, 09:01 AM
1984 and 2001 wasnt on there--and this year aint finished yet--I would say 2003---because we had everybody back healty

05-31-2003, 09:08 AM
All the injuries in April, 2001 helped lower expectations that season. The pitching rotation was filled with question marks in 2002, so expectations were somewhat lower, too.

2003 is the worst collapse I can remember since strike-shortened 1995, or perhaps even 1978.

One bit of hope for 2003: if the collapse is as complete and as devastating as it appears likely to become, pressure on Jerry Reinsdorf's partners to kick his ass out of the chairman's seat will NEVER be greater.

That would be plenty of silver lining in a dark cloud for this pissed off Sox Fan! :angry:


05-31-2003, 09:21 AM
It is with out a doubt this year. 2001 doesn't come close because 1) 2000 was a fluke, we were still a year or 2 away from point C but got career years from a number of guys and 2) as PHG says, we knew going in to 2001 that the pitching staff was full of holes

This year I thought hitting would be there and pitching was improved through 1) acquisition of Colon and 2) maturing of Garland and Wright 3) improved bullpen.

I don't blame our pitching staff for this years collapse (ex: White and Gordon)...but Konerko and the holes at CF and 3B make me ill just thinking about it. :angry:

Is it too late to acquire a CF and 3B (send Crede down) and turn this season around??? :?:

duke of dorwood
05-31-2003, 01:20 PM
Williams and Manual in charge for all 3


05-31-2003, 03:02 PM
Originally posted by oldcomiskey
1984 and 2001 wasnt on there--and this year aint finished yet--I would say 2003---because we had everybody back healty

my god yes. These are the Years ive been the most Disappointed in, and I rank them by the Level of Disappointment.

5. 1984. Hit so good year before, hit so bad the very next.
4. 2001. Was disappointed at the media coverage (shouldve gotten much more, cubs got instead, fueling my current dissent
of the media) Pitching was great, but all got hurt, and Sox did Nothing to Replace the Pitching=Very Bad Season
3. 1978. Great one-year wonders year before, awful the next.
2. 1994/95. We were on the Brink of Destiny & Greatness. The Sox actually FILLED a hole that was glaring during the offseason, but we couldnt enjoy July that much because of all of JR's/MLB's threats about a strike. I include 1995 in here, because then they got rid of all the good players that were integral to 1994, and of course simple math dictates:
Good Team - Good Players = Very Bad Season
1. 2003. We really needed 2 solid pitchers, and though we got lucky and got 1 decent one (sox designed staff to win division...Not Pennant) Managerial Blunders, Entire Offense Shutting Down, Worse than Usual Defense, Inability of Mgmt to correct previous 2 problems, Continued appearance in Lineup/Game of some of the worst players on Club negatively Affecting Teams Record have ALL accounted for this season being the WORST for me, in terms of Anticipation.

SO positive I was of this season, I planned the year before, all of these trips to see my Beloved Sox on the Road, to cheer us on to a possible Post Season Appearance. I for one know, that How You do In APRIL, determines how your SEASON will Fare in the long run. Sox dont seem to understand that. Some of the biggest series/Must Win Situations were Put to Us Unusually Early, and what happens when you let the ODDS stack AGAINST you, Is more likely, your trying to beat the HOUSE in Poker. You'll LOSE EVERY TIME. Shrugging Off all those games In APril and Early May when they really do count, dont go away. "we have a lot of season left" , "We play KC 15 more times this year", "They have to play on the west coast too", "we get to play Detroit now" are all Statements made by LOSERS and LOSING ORGANIZATIONS. Funny thing about Making Excuses is that you Set Yourself Up Quite Nicely for FULFILLING THE ACTUAL EXCUSE. Then you lose a game here, Fritter away a Game there, then a couple of players stop playing as hard, then the rookie starts to press, then the star hitter starts Trying to make up for the other 3 hitters, then the Gifted-Athletically-Brain-Challenged hitter starts to swing for the fences every time, then the Pitching starts to get bad, then a couple more players Quit on you and Sure Enough.........June Rolls around and youve Dug Quite a HOLE for yourselves, and the Team is a Complete Mess. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN upper Mgmt asks itself. the Season becomes just another lost season, and Upper Management gets rid of the good Players, repeating the Same Failed Cycle theyve Followed Religiously for 20 something years (never mind that it hastn Worked in 20 yrs)
of letting the good go and "Rebuilding". THIS MY FRIENDS....Is a HOW-TO on building BAD BASEBALL TEAMS. It works Everytime.....I GUARANTEE IT.

06-01-2003, 12:20 AM
2001- injuries, 2000 fluke
2002- lots of questions remain
2003- .500 season with good second half (albeit no pressure), everyone healthy, Colon acquired, Buehrle wins 19 games, potent lineup, everything in place, lots of hype, and.......we SUCK. JM needs to go. Rick Carlysle just got canned for turning around Detroit and taking them to the playoffs, then to the conference finals, Manuel is not even .500 in 6 seasons and one fluke 2000.

06-01-2003, 12:30 AM
I'm surprised I'm the only one who voted for 2002. It was just the way the Sox lost in 2002 that bugged the hell out of me. They made a baserunning error every game it seemed. Hawk put it well in a game that year. He said "I have never seen a team before, that, when they have runners in scoring position, it seems like they're in trouble, not the pitcher." How true. I can see how this season may be more disappointing, with the high expectations and all. But I guess the constant diappointment of 2001 and 2002 desensitized me.

06-01-2003, 10:01 PM

06-01-2003, 10:13 PM
This season has been the most dissapointing. 2001 was a bad year, but that season was ruined by injuries to key players. There was no way the Sox were going to win the division, because they didn't have the personel needed to do so. 2002 was an emotional roller-coaster ride for Sox fans. We hoped that the team would be good enough to win a weak division, but the holes in the pitching staff came back to haunt the Sox. However, last season ended well, which helped to ease the feelings of dissapointment that many on this board were feeling.

2003 has been the worst, without question. Many thought that the Sox finally had a team capable of winning the division easily. However, nothing has worked for the Sox. The offense has struggled, the bullpen has blown leads, and no one seems to be able to play solid fundamental baseball. Bad baserunning and poor decision making are daily occurences. The team has no fight, no determination, and no heart. They fall behind, and they not able to catch up.

06-01-2003, 10:41 PM
2002 gets my vote. In 2001, we had too many injuries to overcome & 2003 is not over yet. I still think it's very possible for this team to get things going in the right direction & make a run at the Twinkies.

06-02-2003, 02:24 PM
1967. OK, I'm old and I have a long memory.

Foulke You
06-02-2003, 03:21 PM
1997 was pretty disappointing. Another team built for offense that never lived up to the hype. The "Line Shot" trio of Thomas, Belle, and Ventura never got going. Newly signed $11 million dollar man Albert Belle struggled in the first half of both his seasons here, Thomas had some injury time in July, and Ventura's gruesome injury in Spring Training ended the Sox run before it started. By the time Robin made it back we were only down 3.5 games and in position to make a run at Cleveland but we all remember what happened in July...White Flag Time! My morale as a Sox fan was never lower...until '03 that is!

2003 by far is the most frustrating year as a Sox fan I can ever remember. This team as Dave Wills puts it "snatches defeat from the jaws of victory". Suddenly, the wheels are starting to come off the wagon on this squad of seemingly talented hitters. What has gone wrong? How the heck did this entire team forget how to hit? Who could have forseen Konerko's incredible slide or Crede's lack of development as a hitter? Garland and Wright's lack of consistancy hurt as well as Valentin's subpar offensive year. Rick White and Gary Glover's dueling gas can performances out of the pen. And last but not least, a team that absoulutely shrivels with runners on base. This whole squad, led by their bespectacled sunflower seed chewing zombie of a manager are no fun to watch. I've never been more frustrated as a Sox fan.

Honorable mention goes to '94, '95, and '02.

06-02-2003, 03:31 PM
1918...I was really looking forward to a repeat.

06-02-2003, 03:32 PM
I'm going with 2001, because I didn't see anyone else in our division who could put up a fight. Frank Thomas was coming off an MVP-caliber season only to get hurt. David Wells was going to be the ace we needed to lead us to the next level. And as it turned out, the Indians won with a paltry 90 wins (or maybe even less?).

I agree this season has been bad, but I thought before the season started that the Twins would likely win anyway. Gordon and White did not thrill me. Koch over Foulke scared me. I just didn't have the same hopes for 2003 that most people had. (Granted, I NEVER thought it would be THIS bad!)

2001 and 2002 prepared me well for 2003.

06-02-2003, 03:55 PM
1994 - it was the best Sox team I ever saw play. We could have had it all..........but thanks to Mr. Reinsdork, all that was snuffed out with that strike. I'M STILL BITTER ABOUT IT.

06-02-2003, 04:06 PM
Originally posted by thecell
1918...I was really looking forward to a repeat.

LOL! Good one! :smile:

1918 was a year of bitter disappointment for me, too. I was in Europe at the time, fighting the Kaiser's troops in Belgium. When I heard the news of the "Sox" winning the '18 series, and then the armistice, I was really pumped up about having everybody back for a run at the "three-peat" in '19. I told all my buddies in the trenches about my clever new word for my beloved champion Pale Hose.

Then I arrived in NYC the following spring and find out it was Boston who won the previous October. I was so depressed I didn't even bother copyrighting my "three-peat" idea. I understand Pat Riley stole it several decades later. I've learned that mediocrities are always trying to steal somebody else's good idea. :smile:

'19 pennant winners, then losing to the underdog Reds, followed by the Black Sox scandal, and then the banishments... it's been all down hill for me and the Sox ever since.

"If the fans come out--and the players keep paying for their own laundry--we can field a winning team. I guess Sox Fans just don't want to win as bad as I do.

"Hey, I'm going to remember to use that line!"