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08-20-2001, 10:46 AM
Anyone else catch Morrisey's article in the Tribune yesterday. It was one of the worst pieces of crap I have read in a long time and that includes the moron's daily blather.

Here is a link, my letter to the editor follows...


To Whom It May Concern,
There are many people who deny that the Tribune has a pro-Cubs slant, and that all of us Sox fans are merely jealous. However, to see evidence of this bias, you need look no further than the Sunday, 8/19/2001, article by Rick Morrisey.

In that article he accuses the Sox of being "frauds" for hoping to beat enough bad teams while Cleveland plays the tougher teams to get back into the playoff picture. He slams the Sox repeatedly for doing whatever it takes to make the playoffs. Funny, I don't recall anyone writing articles in April about how the Cubs were just beating the worst teams in the league to attain their lofty status.

Yes, the Sox season has been disappointing for us Sox fans, but why should we give up when the schedule now favors us for the next 4 weeks? Cleveland HAS shown an inability to consistently beat good teams. Their starting pitching is in disarray and as good as the hitting has been, it isn't enough to carry the team far in the playoffs. Should the Sox surrender? Should we as fans give up hope? Should the Sox stop trying to win because they have struggled all year long? Maybe we should just quit and let Cleveland take the division. Minnesota is in freefall and should "catch the Sox" in another couple of weeks at most. Cleveland will be tougher to catch, but the Sox have played Cleveland tough this year (as always) so beating them is not an impossible task.

Will the Sox make the playoffs? Probably not. As a Sox fan I hold no illusions about my favorite teams strengths and weaknesses this year, but to accuse them of fraud smacks of bias. It appears to me that the only fraud being perpetrated here is that Morrisey is objective in this matter. Maybe his next article can be how the Cubs have been frauds this year because they cannot consistently beat good teams in the NL and instead have fattened their record against the teams with the worst records in the NL.

Though, as a Sox fan who is used to the seeming lack of objectiveness from the various media outlets in Chicago, I won't hold my breath...

08-20-2001, 11:59 AM
Good letter, though I doubt you'll get anything back from them.

Also, he talks in his article about having to play the Twins again. The Twins are definitely not the same team that beat the Sox in the beginning of the season.

08-20-2001, 12:20 PM
Great letter! I was going to mention if anyone read that article. But I was wondering if anyone read an article, I think by Morrisey, that was earlier in the week. It basically was saying that the Cubes have nothing to waorry about because they will soon be playing Milwaukee and Pittsburgh again, and that they should be able to gain a lead over the 'stros again. Now if this isn't the most hypocritical statement, saying the Sox are frauds, but then basically saying that the Cubs aren't and it's okay that they can't beat the strong teams and only Pitts and Mil. What bull!

08-20-2001, 12:50 PM
I just took a close look at the standings after reading that post, and it has been kind of a strange year in MLB, especially in the NL. By that I mean there are almost no "average" teams in the majors this year. San Diego and our Sox are the only true .500 teams in MLB this year. They, along with Florida are the only teams that sit within 5 games either way of .500. In the NL it's even more extreme: except for SD and Fla., every other team is at least 10 games above or below .500. It's all feast or famine there.

To make a long story short, your point is absolutely correct. Check out these numbers for the Flubs:
against the 3 bottom feeders in the NL Central they are a combined 22-10. Throw in the 2 AL Central bottom feeders (KC and Detroit) and they are 26-12, 14 games over .500.
Flubs current record? Yep, 68-54, 14 games over .500. Against the rest of baseball the Flubbies are exactly .500.
Surprisingly, they have held their own against the "A" level teams (Phi, SF, LA, St.L, Hou, Ari, Minn) at 28-26. A lot of that record was built up early in the year however.
Oh yeah, one final note. Flubs vs. Sox and Padres (the .500 teams)? 4-8. If they miss the playoffs it might just be because of us and their '84 nemesis. :)

Now for Morrissey's point about the Sox. Sadly, he's dead right. Don't look at these numbers if you're squeamish, Sox fans.
Our record against teams over .500: 21-45. Ouch. That number is mainly due to our sparkling 5-26 mark against Minnesota, Oakland and Seattle. Against the rest of the .500+ teams we're a respectable 16-19.
Against sub-.500 teams the Sox are a rollicking 39-17.
It's no wonder we've been bobbing around right at the .500 mark for months now. We flat out can't hang with the elite teams in our current state. The only hope for this year seems to be continuing to pound the little guys and hoping for Cleveland to come back to us. We are 6-5 against them this year, so take that for what it's worth.