View Full Version : The key to this year, ERRORS

05-30-2003, 01:19 AM
Watching yesterdays game I heard an astonishing comment. The sox are 21-10 (or something very close to that) when they dont commit an error. Now we all remember the success of 2000, but one of the main reasons is that the offense was able to overcome defensive miscues, not so this year.

Another key reason is that in 2000 it seemed to almost an unbelievable repetition is that no matter how man errors we committed ( D was atrocious back then too) it seemed that no on of those runners would ever cross the plate, one of the reasons what I think Jose is still the starting short stop. Again not true this year. I think we could count with both hands how many games the sox have lost dude to un earned runs crossing the plate.

If the sox can really commit to defense and not go for great plays all the time ( how many balls have we seen sail over Konerko's head on making a wild attempt on a double play) but just stick to the basics, I think the sox can start winning with more regularity. I think the whole key to this extended offensive slump is not giving the other team 4 or 5 outs an inning!