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05-27-2003, 10:39 AM
I watched the Toronto telecast of last nightís game and the announcers kept talking about how Jerry Manuel shouldnít still have a job. Itís funny everybody in Chicago seems to know it, everybody everywhere else seems to know it. The only person who doesnít is Kenny Williams.

I used to love the way JM managed. He used to be aggressive. But he isnít anymore. Itís simple to me really: the manager should look at areas that arenít performing then find ways to fix them. For instance, when a team continually hits into far too many double plays you bunt more (we bunt never), or you steal (we steal never). For that matter when youíre offense is terrible and your pitching is good you manufacture runs Ė can anybody remember the last time we did this? When you have a pitcher who is performing very poorly you donít bring them in for key situations (last night JM used White immediately after the inning the sox scored a big 2-run comeback to bring the game to within 1).

These things may seem small, but theyíre huge for changing momentum. Which happens to be the key thing this team has never been attain.

Wally Backman may not be able to hit or catch for these guys, but at least he knows that trying to steal a base (even if you get thrown out) is a great way to play hard. And playing hard is the best way to get breaks. (Not too mention, get the fans off your back for playing like dead dogs.)

And letís face it, everybody from the WhiteSox fans, to their media, to their players know that Jerry Manuel is going to get fired eventually this season Ė just like we knew with Gary Ward. So why does Kenny Williams insist on waiting until itís FAR too late (which it already is).

Thereís no question: KW is the dumbest GM in baseball history. The GMís job is also to find problems and fix them. What does Kenny do?

05-27-2003, 10:52 AM
Originally posted by lowesox
The GMís job is also to find problems and fix them. What does Kenny do?

He spends hours on end staring at his own wonderful reflection in the mirror.

He gets easily distracted by shiney things.

He bails his kids out of jail.

He sticks pins in his Billy Beane voodoo doll.