View Full Version : Sox Hitting

05-20-2003, 08:18 AM
Last night I heard Hawk say (again) that Kornerko is doing a good job of not colapsing his back side. I agree and submit that is why he is grounding out and will continue to do so until he sits on his back leg (like Bonds, EMartinez, Sosa etc). Instead he is hitting in the Suzuki style - swing down and beat it out. My goodness if you keep your back side up- you will not be able to meet the plane of the ball with the plane of the bat and you will hit more grounders. If you were pitching to Kornerko or E.Martinez or Bonds might you want a ground ball. The last two have coaches and even play by play people who have figured that out. Crede is close to following Kornerko's lead down the trail of hitting down on the ball (the ghost of Lau - astro turf and the metal bat in college). I love the Sox - but hate that swing. Get an inside pitch and crush it.