View Full Version : WCR: South Side Wimp Men

05-18-2003, 03:14 AM
The Chicago White Sox don’t win baseball games because they check their testicles at the locker room door when they arrive for work. You get ahead of these mopes by the sixth or seventh inning and they’re dead meat. Jerry Manuel has obviously tired of taking it in the nether regions for this clattering collection of caliginous junk.

"The hitters have to take on some responsibility," he said. “The players can't keep looking for a coach here or manager there. They have to own up to their careers and what they're about. It's not like it's a bunch of kids we're dealing with. We're dealing with men.”

Sox fans everywhere must have newfound respect for the manager for succinctly calling out his underachieving bunch after a dismal performance against 40-year old cunnythumber, Jamie Moyer. Manuel has been on the hot seat since the Sox started their 6-14 springtime swoon chiefly because he’s considered soft on his players. Unfortunately, when he took them to the woodshed the other day, the tender sensibilities of his once and former superstar, Frank Thomas got bruised.

"You go up there and face what I get every day and see how good you do at the plate,” said the one dimensional Thomas.

Manuel did go up there for a few years and he absolutely stunk at it. But, that’s not the point, Frank. He’s the boss; he’s fed up with what he’s seeing and has every right to demand better. Trouble is Ken Williams is sticking his nose in the fray in hopes of convincing everyone to make nice, nice.

Butt out Kenny! Let Manuel run his team the way he so chooses. Instead of undermining Manuel’s authority go back upstairs and work on bailing out this sinking ship. Sox fans are very particular as to how they spend their disposable income, so you’d better figure a way to get them reaching into their pokes!