View Full Version : So this is what it takes to be a sox fan

05-17-2003, 11:38 PM
My family on both sides grew up on the south side of Chicago, so from the very start I have been embedded with White Sox baseball. My father has been taking me to Comiskey park before I was able to walk, so it was inevitable that as I got older I would form a dieheard allegiance to this team. I'm currently 19 and for the past 4-5 years I find myself more of a sox fan than ever, and it continues to grow year after year, longer "rooting for the guys in White" like I did when I was younger, just a young kid not really realizing what the game was all about., Living in South West Michigan I bought the 80$+ MLBTV and the gameday audio for the games I cant get on WGN or even MLB TV. This was also the first year I attended a sox game on my own, bringing some of my friends down to the cell for the early Tigers series, (also making a rookie mistake continuing over the Dan Ryan opposite of Comiskey, from the look of the neighborhood wont to that again, oh well rookie mistake :D: . Being at the game I realized that my allegiance to this team has hit full throttle, and that I will forever be a sox fan to the grave.

At the beginning of this season I was giddy to say the least. With the Colon trade I was looking at a team on paper that seemed to be the class of the AL Central and even an American League powerhouse that can trade with any team in the league. But AGAIN this team has bitterly disappointed me. After every loss of these underachieving losers I find myself in mood swings that are kind of ridiculous, I mean after all its just a baseball team! But I cant help it, I want this team to win dammit! And then there's my dad, obviously he cant watch as many games as I can, and when we discuss how terrible they are, he never seems to get to upset. He just says "Son, this is the sox, get used to it". I could never really fully understand that comment, I mean hey this team should be damn good and when the dont win I have a right to get pissed.

But Ive finally realized something. My dad has suffered through many, many years of bitter disappointment, and he's learned to take it with a grain of salt. The Sox had great teams in the early-mid 90's only to lead season after season of under-achievement. Especially 94, where our own owner helped put a stop to one of the best teams that Majors have seen in 15 years, which was destined for the World Series.

Ive finally come to terms with what it takes to be a sox fan. Im in for many decades of hopeless dreaming and just as soon as you get a taste of success, just as soon as you say "you know what this actually might be the year!" reality slaps you in the face, hard.My dad has come to realize this, and Ive finally understood that being a sox fan aint pretty, but being a sox fan is still better than any other team, because after all at this point I dont really have a choice. Sorry for the rant but I'm sure there are many fans here that can for sure relate to this. Finally my youthful, ignorant enthusiasm has been replaced with the reality of White Sox baseball, it's gonna be a long road.