View Full Version : Why doesn't Jay Hood just vote JM for freakin' president!

05-13-2003, 11:39 AM
I am getting sick of the Score's Jay Hood coming down on everyone on the Sox *except* Jerry Manuel! It happened again last night as caller after caller chimed in about why JM has to go. Yet Hood continues to make excuses for him. I swear I should have called in last night His assertion was that the team was not built for speed and fundamentals but to hit, and since it isn't hitting it is doomed and the blame has to go to the players and a new manager won't suddenly make these guys hit.

Well, Jay, that was very insightful but I didn't hear a solution from you now did I? Why are these guys to a man unable to hit? Coincidence? Coincidence?!!! If it is totally the players problem, why have we had these prolonged offensive slumps ever since the 2000 all star game ended, huh? Why in late 2000-2001 were Perry, Singleton, Leifer victims of this deadwood phoenomenon and why after that were Durham, Lofton, and Clayton victims of it, and now why for God sakes are Crede, Rowand, and Olivo now victims of it? Don't you think there is a common demoninator to the fact that every new infusion of talent the Sox throws out there winds up in this lifeless offesive apathy?

Hell yes the manager can do something about this, Jay, and how dare you smugly ask your callers if a new manager will "suddenly make the team hit" as if it is a ridiculous idea that has no answer. I can say right now that a capable manager can get this team back on the right track and give them some hope (and no, not in just one day or two, Jay). The manager needs to make his team act like pit bulls and believe that it is the best, unbeatable, and just dare, just DARE, any other team to try to take a game (or even an friggin' base) from us. I don't care if you come out and lose a game 15 to zip, you still come out the next day with a chip on your shoulder and an attitude that says the opposition is gonna pay and pay dearly!

With that attitude comes confidence, focus and enjoyment in playing the game. When you step up to the plate you are then looking forward to whatever the pitcher dares to throw you and the confidence puts you in a comfort zone. You see the ball better because you wan't to see it - you anticipate it and want to hit it. If you have to move a guy over, you look forward to doing it and putting the other team on the defensive - where that team should be. When you hit the ball or are on the basepaths, you *always* go full speed, and always slide (spikes up if need be). Again, you have the chip on your shoulder and you take it to the opponent. Will you become a "better hitter" with this attitude - heck yes. It is *so* difficult to hit a moving baseball that any negative attitude or defensive thought can throw a wrench into your mechanics, or affect your patience and there is such a fine line to a successful swing that you may not even realize the problems you cause yourself when you begin to inch out of that perfect comfort zone.

It is all attitude, focus, and unrelenting confidence. You want other teams to hate to have to play you and this is dad-gum well within the realm of the manager ability. As manager you use your soapbox. You come out to fight disputed calls. You instruct and have your coaches instruct your players how to be aware and harness game situations to their advantage. You call out guys on your team who you see dogging it. You cheer and make an example of guys on your team who show enthusiasm and a never-say-die attitude. You make damn sure you are confident in what you and your team can do and you make just as sure your players can see that in you.

Mr. Hood, Jerry Manuel does none of that.


05-13-2003, 12:28 PM
Your post is rather long, and I don't care to pick it apart.

Bottom line is this: Jerry Manual can't do a thing about Royce Clayton not being able to hit major league pitching.

In that respect, I agree with Hood 100%.

Also, you make reference to the 2000 All-Star Break as the point of change. Don't forget that the Sox weren't exactly killing the league in '97-'99 either. The first half of the 2000 season now seems like an anomaly more than anything else. Individually, guys like Konerko, Ordonez, Frank, and Jose have contributed offensively since 2000. Collectively, they haven't done it at the same time.

Winning baseball is a delicate mixture of talent and luck. Not sure if we have enough of either to win this year. It's not Manual's fault though.

05-13-2003, 03:36 PM
Guys, let's quit talking about Royce Clayton, 2000, 1997, 1994, etc. etc. The current manager NOW manages this team like a little league team. No strategy, everybody has to play, just stand there and try to hit homers, etc. He has been making the SAME bad decisions for over 2 years now.
He takes pitchers out too fast, puts the wrong ones in, etc. How many times do I have to see White give up a homer? How many times will Wunsch mow a guy down with one pitch and be pulled for Gordon to walk the next guy? This team has been fundamentally inept for 3 years. I know the players share some blame, but what is spring training for? There's no reason these guys can't bunt or baserun. I'VE never bunted in my life, but I bet if I spent 3 months working on it I could do it! What about the coaching staff; sending lard ass Jimenez from 3rd on a pop out to ICHIRO!!! HE was out by 14 feet. It just seems like nobody on the staff knew that ICHIRO has a good arm. I have no confidence AT ALL in ANY of the coaches, manager, or GM. The Julio Ramirez experiment didn't work, now it's the Willie Harris experiment. Changing lineups every day hasn't worked in 2 years. What does he do last week to shake things up? Changes the lineup every day. He manages like a little kid playing with fire; after he burns himself about 2938503 times he finally gets it. Too bad I don't want to wait 3 more seasons before his 2938503th time.