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05-12-2003, 10:47 AM
Most impressive was the fact that Colon fanned Seattle's Mark McLemore by first setting him up with a 99 mph fastball and then getting him with an 86 mph changeup in the eighth inning.

"He's a different type of pitcher," Manuel said. "He kicks it into another gear (late in the game). He threw a 99 mph fastball, and that was his 103rd pitch (of the night)."

MANUEL said that? The same guy that pulled him from a tie game in the 7th vs. KC and numerous other times? This guy contradicts everything he does with everything he says. Doesn't he pay attention? Does he think we, the fans, don't? Idiot. He HAS to go. I NEVER do this, but I will actively root against the White Sox until this dolt or the other dolt above him is gone. If we're going to give up this season, we may as well boot the guy now to ensure a brighter future. This guy has to go NOW! :angry: :angry: :angry: (actually, he should have been gone after NY Yankees swept us at home last year in MAY when he single-handedly cost us the last 2 games of that series) Buerhle vs. Clemons, 3-1 lead in the 7th, and he pulls Buerhle because "it was the 3rd time through the order". This guy has been brain dead since he won manager of the year (perhaps the single WORST thing to ever happen to the Sox).

05-12-2003, 10:51 AM
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05-12-2003, 08:10 PM
Why is it that everyone thinks the best solution to our problems is to just get rid of everyone!? At the rate you guys suggest who we should get rid of, we won't have enough players to play Minnesota this weekend.

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05-13-2003, 08:53 AM
I don't think I have once said to get rid of any players. I've wanted Manuel's ass gone since the 2001 season, when I was subjected to a team that had Baines, Julio Ramirez, and Mark Johnson in the same lineup. What's different now? We have a DH that can't H anymore, we have the black Julio Ramirez who's worse defensively (Harris) in center every day, and we have a GM that makes a trade for what he thinks is a young pitcher and in reality was a 399 year old career minor league outfielder. If you think that ANY combination of players can win with this leadership anymore, well, I wish I had your faith.