View Full Version : Number 2

05-12-2003, 09:55 AM
Well, number 2 can mean many things with this team. The fact that they are playing like #2 comes to mind first. However, The #2 is killing us when we are both in the field and at bat, and I mean 2 outs or having 2 strikes on hitters. When the SOX stand there watching, er, I mean are at bat, it seems that EVERY HITTER gets 2 strikes on him in the count. Then, they either try for homers when they have 2 strikes or start taking defensive swings, with the same result. Outs. However, when the Sox are afield, the other team seems to get at least 5 hits a game when we have 2 strike counts on them, or with 2 outs! Why is that? Do we not know how to waste a pitch, or is because the only time we have 2 strikes on an opponent there are also 3 balls? This team can't hit with 2 strikes or 2 outs, but everyone else can do it against them. I wonder what the numbers are in the following areas?
How many Sox batters wind up with 0-2 or 1-2 counts, and how many of them get on base after such counts? If 2 strike hitting is a weakness, OUR MANAGER and BATTING COACH should shelve the "we must go deep in the count" strategy! Manuel's cutting his own throat and doesn't even know it.