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Lip Man 1
05-03-2003, 02:40 PM
I heard something on the radio this morning that made me shake my head because I thought it was very sad.

For those who don't know the "Q" Rating is a way that advertising / makerting / and PR departments use to measure how popular an athlete, spokesperson or team is.

It helps companies decide how well their latest commercial is doing, if they should sign up a particular athlete to endorse a product or in a team sense to give the organization an idea of how popular they are.

With that as a background I was listening to The Sporting News radio network on my way to cover a track meet this morning.

The weekend host Bob Stelton has a trivia game where a caller gets to answer up to six questions. If they get all of them right they win a prize. If they are wrong the next caller gets a chance picking it up from where the earlier caller was wrong. In other words the person who gets the 6th question wins.

Question #3 today (Saturday) was "name a Chicago White Sox outfielder...."

It took nine callers before a guy from Chicago said Carlos Lee.

Remember these are supposedly sports fans to boot. One guy said D'Angelo Jimenez, five had no idea, a woman said Tino Martinez then complained that "the Sox aren't on WGN, that's the Cubs station." I guess she was saying 'how am I supposed to know that question?' Stelton said that the Sox were on WGN although not as often as the Cubs.

Stelton also said "the guys behind the glass (i.e. producers and directors) who are Sox fans are steaming!" Apparently they couldn't believe that nobody knew anyone, even Mags.

Like I said I found the whole episode very very sad and it says something about how far the Sox have sunk in the sports publics consciousness.


05-03-2003, 02:58 PM
That's really sad.

"Hey, 9 ain't so bad. I have a hard time remembering those guys myself. Elvis is one of them, right?"

"You go, Rob. This guy is aamazing. Personally, I think you fans should be happy no one knows our players. More popular players demand more money and you know, I just haven't got it. Maybe if more of you fans would come to the sleepover when the team is out of town, we could afford to market our guys more. Nah... I still wouldn't want to pay them."

"I'm marketable. How come no one wants to pay me money for advertising their product. I'm not only fine like a mutha, but I'm one of the most influential minorities in sports."


"Oh, sorry... Thank you, JR. Can I lick your boots now."

"Later, Kenny, right now I am hearing a presentation from Rob on our next promotion."

"So here's the idea... We fake a space ship landing at the ballpark and then we can sell cute little stuffed alien dolls... or... oooo... here's an idea, alien bobbleheads! We'll combine it with the Elvis promotion and tell the fans the aliens cloned Elvis."

"Is this guy a genius or what?"

05-03-2003, 03:28 PM
Originally posted by Lip Man 1
Like I said I found the whole episode very very sad and it says something about how far the Sox have sunk in the sports publics consciousness.


When do you suppose was it ever any different?

As far as Q ratings go, do you realize that The Sporting News Radio Network wasn't even listed in the latest arbitron ratings in Chicago? Talk about problems ...