View Full Version : Manuels Answer About Not Starting Runners

05-03-2003, 02:03 PM
"Our speed is such that even when we start a runner they don't know that he's stealing and the infielders don't move. It does you no good to start guys in motion that can't run"
I thought you started guys who can't run in motion to stay out of double plays which have been a curse on the Sox so far this year. Also I can't beleive every Sox player is so slow to the point that the opposing team just stands there and does'nt react. What about Maggs, Carlos Lee, Jose, even Olivo. Come on manuel!
This guy is clueless, Hey Jerry how many double plays did we hit into Friday night - WAKE UP! Better yet Reinsdorf & KW WAKE UP & GET RID OF THIS GUY!
:angry: :angry:
:?: - Jerry Manuel