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04-28-2003, 01:56 AM
Originally posted by bc2k
I've noticed in that past few games that Hurt is bending his knees at the plate. His stance looks more natural now, as opposed to that locked knee, upright stance he had been using.

Don't know if that has been mentioned before or not.

Originally posted by doublem23
Yeah, everyone's been raving about the open stance again. Either way, I don't care. He could be hitting .150, as long as that OBP is up in the mid .400s, I'm a happy camper. :D:

Doublem23's above quote got me thinking about Thomas. I always appreciated Thomas's on base percentage, but as a number 3 hitter, is that his job? Is it more beneficial for the Sox to move Thomas in the lineup, letting Magglio bat third? I was about to say move Thomas down, but maybe he should bat second. This way he still gets to bat in the first inning and adding up Jimenez and Thomas's OBP (.396 + .431 = .827), Magglio could drive in 150! I think this would go a long way towards ending all of our solo home runs.

I would be hesitant on testing out this order until Paulie starts hitting like the All-Star he is.

I don't expect the Sox to do something as radical as this, but it is common sense to switch Thomas and Ordonez in the lineup immediately. I think the only reason Frank is still batting third is because Manuel is too scared of Frank to move him. Frank whines about his place in the batting order and Manuel wants to avoid all confrontation. For a guy that does so much walking, you’d think he would weigh less than a quarter ton.