View Full Version : ESPN Scout's Take

04-26-2003, 09:45 PM
ESPN Insider does a thing called Scout's Take. Basically it's some scout giving opinions on different baseball stories. Some of you that didn't waste your money on ESPN Insider (like me) may have noticed one of the teases saying "Scout: White Sox need leadership" on ESPN's homepage under the tab Insider. It's nice to know we're not the only ones who see this. It wasn't anything long but here is what the scout says...

The White Sox look like a team in need of a leadership change. Joe Crede hit a homer the other day that was fair by a yard, and Jerry Manuel jogged out to argue and really didn't stick up for his player. That team should be better than it is and should play together more.

He also says in his next point:

Part of their problem has been (Paul) Konerko. He had been trying to pull everything. He's just now started to go the other way a bit.

Nothing that we didn't already know, but I figured some of you without ESPN Insider may have wondered what that was about. Plus it's nice to know that those without a bias for the Sox see things the same way we do.