View Full Version : Honoring The Past

04-21-2003, 11:32 AM
I think current White Sox management is doing their very best to create an environment where fans from around the Chicago area can come and enjoy major league baseball. Let's face it, as far as baseball is concerned this is a Cubs town and nothing short of a World series can hope to change it.

I do agree that CWS management can do so much more to honor the team's past. The only players you routinely see around town are Minoso, Skowron (more Yankee than Sox) Melton and Donn Pall (local guy). The team has been around since the early 1900's so let's narrow the teams down by time frame and accomplishment. Of course, teams from earlier eras should be considered as well.

1951: Kicked Off The Go-Go Era
1959: American League Champs
1964/1965: Won 98 & 95 Games Respectively
1967: Lost Last Five Games To Blow Pennant
1970: Possibly The Worst Team In Sox History
1977: South Side Hit Men
1983: Western Division Champs
1993: Western Division Champs
1994: Great Team, Strike Shortened Season
2000: Central Division Champs

These teams provided us mayt exciting memories and they should be honored on a continuous basis. The White Sox are a historic franchise and although we don't have many pennants to show for it.

There is much to celebrate!