View Full Version : Enough Already!

04-17-2003, 11:29 AM
listen, to all of you drunks and malcontents reguardless of where you come from, STOP showing up for our sox games. The real sox fans do not want you idiots at the park. You people, and I hope some of you are reading this although i may be giving you too much credit, are not children. You are adults! GROW UP! US cellular field is a great venue to watch baseball, it is a family venue, it is a fan friendly venue, it is NOT a venur for white trash drunkerds! Please stay home. What you morons don't understand is this: You are giving the chicago and the national media a reason to jump on the anti sox , anti-comisky bandwagon. The only time we( the sox) exist is when something bad happens in or around our ballpark. Don't give them amunition. If you want a competitive winning team on the field, and you want positive changes to the ballpark then don't make things harder on YOUR ballclub. Because the sox fans are being villified by the media, the club is being villified by the media, how do you think us cellular feels about their investment? As a fan who goes to 20 to 25 home games a year and a road game or two, I will tell you, I will not stand for drunken idiots in the park anymore. Throwing things and jumping on the field are not acceptable . All it takes is another fan( me, or another REAL sox fan) getting an usher or security and you're out of the park. Show some class and a little maturity, leave your beer muscles at home and come and support our team and keep our venue a beautiful place to watch baseball for now and for the future.

34 Inch Stick
04-17-2003, 11:51 AM
I agree with you on the drunks. As far as malcontents, the number of posters on this board would be greatly diminished without malcontents.

I say content all you want to all the mals out there.