View Full Version : WCR: When Fans Attack

04-16-2003, 01:46 PM
When drunken fans run on the sporting field of play, they represent a clear and present danger for athletes, coaches and officials. There is no way of knowing what mayhem is planned when these idiots show up. The White Sox and Kansas City Royals were once again witness to everything that is bad modern day fanatics. Seemingly, it is a contest to determine who can drink the most and act the rowdiest. Last year, father and son trailer trash attacked Royals first base coach Tom Gamboa. Tuesday night four morons jumped onto the field at various times holding up play. The last one took a run at first base umpire, Laz Diaz. Helpful Royals and the aggrieved ump summarily pounded said perpetrator.

"Fans running onto the field will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law," a Sox spokesman said. "You can't assume people running onto the field don't have a weapon on them.

Umpire Diaz was none the worse for wear after the incident.

''When I looked over, there was one of the fans from the stands and I just got him off me,'' said Diaz. ''I just turned around and got him off me. I'm physically OK,'' he added. ''I think you should talk to the other guy (moron attacker) and see how he's feeling.''
Now the hand wringing starts as to how security can be improved and what might have been done to prevent the incident. Suspend beer sales? Add more guards in riot gear? Electrified fencing surrounding the field?

I have a better idea. Since the White Sox just installed the mother of all jumbotrons in center field, put it to good use. Before each game, show the entire film of the Rodney King beating from 1992. The tape is eighty-one seconds long and it demonstrates the fine art of getting a miscreant under control. This should be followed by a public address announcement that anyone entering the field of play will be tuned up in like manner. That should end the silliness!