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04-16-2003, 12:21 AM
in winter league ball this year a fan ran on the field and got into an altercation with a player (dominican i believe)..another player came up from behind and whacked the guy in the head...the guy will spend the rest of his life (if you could call it that) a veggie in a hospital bed...player was arrested , not sure the outcome..in detroit a fan ran on the field between koch and olivo..billy said he was ready to plunk the guy in the head with a ball if he came towards him....

my solutiuon...get legislation passed right now...you go on the field its a class A misdemeanor...maximum jail time is one year..you go on the field you are going to jail for one year...maximum time ill be pushed for by the club and mlb..couple of guys end up in jail...publicize it so everyone sees that they will lose one year of their life...problem solved...

atleast its solved for one year with that particular ********

ive gone to over 200 games in my life..i have never once thought about running onto the field..let alone attacking a player , coach or umpire...*** is wrong with these people??...i use the term "people" lightly

if something aint done..one day this will turn deadly...hate to lose maggs because some drunken idiot runs out onto the field a gun and shoots him...you never know how far it will go

04-16-2003, 12:27 AM
I would like to see the Sox file civil suits against these folks and get judgements to take their trailer homes away from them.