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08-17-2001, 12:36 AM
Last week I was in California and I saw the A's play the yankees. I saw the A's 10th win in a row.
I was rooting for the A's then (because I HATE the yankmes).
Now I'm rooting against them this weekend. But the A's do have a really likeable team. And the Oakland fans are incredible. They have a drumming section in left field (they play the ENTIRE game, almost non-stop). And fans were waving about 100 huge A's flags all around the park.

One fan had a HUGE santa claus beard and green and yellow pom-poms and danced the whole game - it was hilarious.

I didn't think i'd see the A's outdraw the Giants (45,000+).
By the way, Pac Bell is the best Park I've ever seen.

Anyways - GO SOX, let's beat up on these guys.