View Full Version : Thoughts on Opening Day/Night

04-05-2003, 01:14 PM
Wow...opening day turns into opening night at the Cell. Not a bad experience considering those of us who stayed through a 2 hour rain delay and truncated opening ceremonies and such. I have to give those fans who stayed through the whole thing a bunch of "props", as they showed just how dedicated they are with the team. We all wanted to watch baseball, and I'm glad there was a game. And...considering the delay and everything, the game went pretty quick. The official time of the game was only 2 hours and 26 minutes. Not bad...not bad at all.

I'd also like to give some "shoutouts" to the WSIers I was able to say "hi" to before the game. Whazzup to Steff3603, WhiteSoxWilkes, and ILoveMags!...you're really nice people, and thanks for letting me drop by to say hello. It's good to see a face with the cool names and thoughts expressed on this site. And...talk about dedication. Steff and Wilkes were out in Lot E in the cold rain cooking out. For a minute, I thought I was at a Bears pre-season game instead of a baseball game. However, those two, along with any other posters who were there that I didn't mention, deserve a lot of credit for being at the ballpark in spite of the terrible weather.

The ceremony honoring Sox All-Star greats was...to a certain degree...pointless. When introduced, the players would walk out of an entranceway onto the warning track behind home plate, wave to the crowd, and then walk back under a protective covering. I'm sure if the weather was better, there would've been more to it. But, I just couldn't get into it. However, it was nice to see such players like Minnie Minoso, Harold Baines, Moose Skowrun (whom I met near the Sox locker room before the game...he was pretty tired from some early-morning interviews he had on TV after an appearance at Ditka's the previous night), Ron Kittle, and others. In fact, Kittle came up to the press box, and I had the chance to shake his hand and tell him about how I loved to watch him play back in the 80's. I was 11 years old when the Sox clinched the A.L. West in '83, and Ron was one of my favorite players. He has a STRONG grip...my hand still hurts from shaking his. Anyway, Ron is a radio announcer for the Schaumburg Flyers in case anyone's interested.

Just one question...what in the world was Atlee Hammaker doing being honored? As far as I know, he was the one who gave up the only grand slam home run in All-Star Game history. If anything, he gave up the home run at Old Comiskey. Maybe he was a former Sox player. I don't know...I couldn't hear the announcer give his description of the players.

Here's something interesting...the signage on the outer concourse has obviously changed. No more is the T.D. Waterhouse sign with the scrolling market numbers underneath. That scrolling board is now in right field under a new 5th/3rd Bank sign. That scrolling message includes basic baseball messages, White Sox information, and 5th/3rd bank info for those of you who want to bank with them. I thought the new dot-matrix scoreboard in left-center field was pretty nice, as well as all the other improvements made to U.S. Cellular Field. I've written about them in the April 4th edition of the Totally Biased Game Recap.

I'd say a good time was had by all who stayed through the rain delay to watch the game. The Sox won, the ballpark is looking better, and things are looking up. Only one more gripe...the next time there's a rain delay, please don't keep showing that animated "Rain Delay Theater" slide show over and over again. I'll take a re-run of "This Week In Baseball"...thank you very much.