View Full Version : I just watched the game on TIVO

04-03-2003, 07:44 PM
If any of you guys don't know what TIVO is, it is quite possibly the best invention since the automobile. It is amazing. You can record shows, pause-rewind live TV, use slow-motion etc. It is great.

So I TIVO'd the game today, and this is what I saw from Garland. I went back and looked at each ball that was hit, and EVERY ONE was down the middle of the plate. EVERY ONE. Coinsidentally, in the 1st inning interview they showed, he said that he was going to throw the ball down the middle of the plate, and let the movement do the work. Well, the ball, unfortunately, moved into the Royals bats. He actually pitched OK. Also, too many of his pitches were 92 MPH. He wasn't changing speeds on his fastball in the least. His sinker, and curve we're working pretty well. He didn't throw a change once, but I can't remember if that is a pitch he features. All in all, a mediocre performance by Jon that he should improve on. He could have very easily given up 2 runs over 5 if he got some defensive support. It is just discouraging because he is a veteran, and the "young" excuse just doesn't do it anymore. Fransisco Rodriguez is 21 and set the world a'fire in the world series. He carried that on to this year, thusfar. Garland is 23 and a 3 year veteran has regressed (albeit one start) since the end of last year. If he doesn't pull his weight, we are in big trouble.