View Full Version : On the Jimmy Kimmel show yesterday...

04-03-2003, 12:16 PM
Jimmy had his production assistant as the guest speaker. It was a girl. Jimmy is making small talk with her, and then he says "I heard you are a huge baseball fan." She says yes, that the Mariners are her team. Jimmy asks her to name the starting line-up for the Mariners game earlier in the day. She does it 1-9.

Imagine if one of us was Jimmy's guest speaker, and he asked us to name the line-up for the Sox game earlier in the day when you just can't remember what the Tinkerer did...

"Uhhh...Jimenez, Graffan...wait, Valentin. Yeah, Valentin. no...Olivo. No, not Olivo, it's Valentin. Then Thomas, Mags, Konerko, Valentin at...no Crede, Rowand, and Alo...I mean Paul. There, that's it.