View Full Version : WCR: Cubs Win, Sox Lose; Here We Go Again!

04-02-2003, 01:45 PM
These Two Yoots

Chicago’s Little Blue Machine treated veteran lefty Tom Glavine like a red headed stepchild on their way to a 15-2 pummeling of the hapless Metropolitans of New York. While Mayor Daley was plowing under our lakefront airport, Meigs Field, the Cubs were rolling over Glavine and assorted pitching pretenders. The 16-hit parade featured suddenly lethal Corey Patterson. Even Manager Dusty Baker was amazed.

"It's right there with the best Opening Days I've ever seen," Baker said. "He (Patterson) is going to have some rough days, but that helps big-time to start like this, especially considering that he was struggling in the spring. That was a huge day for Corey, I'm sure something he'll remember forever."

Even more exciting for Cubbie Nation was the relief performance turned in by young fireballing righty, Juan Cruz, who struck out six consecutive Mets. Cruz finished last season with a 3-11 record but an ERA just a shade under four. Winning pitcher Kerry Wood was mucho impressed.

"He has four above-average major-league pitches, and he's going to be a huge key to that bullpen for us," Wood said. "There are not too many guys in the league who are going to be able to do anything against him with the stuff he had today. I don't know if they'd consider him as a closer, but whatever he did today, he did it right.”

The budding “North Side Lumber Company” has another shot at the Mets and veteran Al Leiter on Wednesday evening. Matt Clement goes for the Cubs.

Hose Pale By Comparison

The White Sox trotted out a variation of an old marching tune when they treated their fans to “All Pomp and No Circumstance”. This is the team that is supposed to be rattling out sixteen hits in a game but once again they made another no name pitcher look like Walter Johnson. Their three hit offensive performance against Runelvys Hernandez was uninspiring to South Side faithful. So, in a twinkling of an eye, the White Sox find themselves in familiar territory, looking up at the Minnesota Twins. Don’t look for Manager Jerry Manual to get too excited this early.

"Swinging out of the strike zone was probably the biggest nemesis for us," said Sox manager Jerry Manuel. "The fact that it was Opening Day, everybody was a little antsy."

Still, you can’t blame Sox fans for expecting a more exciting lid lifter, especially with all the off-season hype surrounding their heroes. A good place for Sox fans to vent their spleens is www.whitesoxinteractive.com ; something we do oh, so well. Check this out!

“Granted it was one game,” says SoxDemon,” but when your expectations get so high, and you expect to win a lot of games in the early going against sub-par teams and you get this horrible performance, it's enough to tick you off.”

Another poster whose moniker honors a pretty good Sox lefty from days of yore, cautions against an early panic.

“Man, this might be the fastest bandwagon bailout in history,” opines Juan Pizzaro.” C'mon, you're supposed to be Sox fans. Suck it up!”

Right on, Juan; so the Sox won’t go undefeated. 161-1 is still possible!