View Full Version : I'll take pictures of the ballpark on Friday...

04-02-2003, 11:28 AM
When I go to U.S. Cellular Field on Friday, I plan on taking pictures and submitting them to the site later on in the day. There have been some good pictures of the "Cell" put on here and other sites. I'm not going to try to compete with them because my camera isn't "all that". However, I'd like to post a few pictures so those of you who either don't get to go the ballpark right away, or would like some different perspectives on the renovations can see the place first hand.

I'm just as anxious to see the "Cell" as any other Sox fan. The pictures I've seen on the 'net and TV are pretty nice. Hopefully, these current renovations are just a continued journey towards ultimately making our favorite team's home a new force instead of a farce in Chicago baseball.