View Full Version : Gascan startin' fires in Tampa Bay...

04-01-2003, 10:45 PM
That Red Sox bullpen has not performed well their first two games. They gave up 4 or 5 runs in the 9th to Tampa Bay in their opener yesterday and they've blown it again tonight.

Howry came in at the beginning of the 8th inning today, with Boston up by 2, and promptly allows 2 to score on a home run.

It's now in the 14th inning, tied 8-8.

Ah, memories.

04-01-2003, 10:47 PM
Well, if Boston plans to make the playoffs, they cant be getting into 14+ inning games with Tampa Bay, unless TB is that much improved, which I doubt

04-01-2003, 10:49 PM
lol, i think it's funny. I remember the new GM of the Red Sox said that they would not pay big money to re-sign urbina, you can easily find closers. Guess the D-rays became better this year or that theory isn't that good

Lip Man 1
04-01-2003, 10:55 PM
I read the latest Peter Gammons column on ESPN.com today and he mentioned that the Red Sox would love to sign Jose' Jimenez but only unless some other team picked up Howry's contract.

I assume from that remark that the Bosox are trying to unload him.


04-01-2003, 11:13 PM
Didn't Gammons say Chad Fox was the most impressive player out of spring training? That guy is a clown.

04-02-2003, 11:14 AM
There's a lot of talk around baseball right now about how Theo Epstein's "closer by committee" (which isn't a very accurate phrase) plan isn't working, and the Red Sox need a designated closer.

I think the Red Sox just need better relievers.

Alan Embree, Bob Howry, Chad Fox... these are the achors of your bullpen? Please. Ramiro Mendoza's a fine pitcher, but if he's the best option you have out of the pen, you're in trouble.