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mike squires
03-17-2003, 12:47 PM
I know most of you will probably associate the name Jim Durham with the Chicago Bulls but he did a year with the Whitesox in 90. Where was Hawk during that time...front office stuff? His brother Curt Durham coached me my senior year in high school. What a guy. Please read this emotional story I have...

I wasn't doing so hot in my business class so I dropped it. I wasn't ever a stellar player in high school but my senior year I was tearing it up. (I have to be the best practice player in the history of South Newton however) My teachers aide asked me to take something to the athletic director. On the way I got nosey and looked at the papers. It was the F list and my name was on it. It didn't take a genious to realize since I'd just dropped my business class, had a study hall, flunked Algebra and was a teachers aide that I would not be able to play the remainder of my senior year. I didn't say a word to anyone however Mr. Hall the athletic director approached me as I was playing basketball during lunch and broke the news. I balled like a baby. the ironic thing about this story that makes it so emotional for me was the day before I had made a costly error that cost two runs. Late in the game with a runner on first they changed pitchers on me. The first pitch he delivered I sent sailing into right field and I watched it keep going and going...I heard Curt tell the guy at first, "tag up Dut tag up... you don't have to. I ran faster around the bases than Ozzy did after he would hit one. Guys were slamming my helmet and hugging me. Later from second base I yelled at Jim's son who retrieved the ball, "hey, keep it for me!!!" I still have it in a cube with a big mud stain with Curt and my teamates signiature on it.
That was my last ever high school at bat (5 games into the season)

During awards night Curt told me to come up with the rest of the team and made me sound like some kind of MVP. he said with Mike on the team we would have won sectional and he would have hit 5 or 6 homers. I was again...crying like a baby.

7 months later while doing my training at Fort Lee Virginia I received a letter from my mother telling me Curt had died in train/truck accident.

few days after being told I couldn't play I went and egged my Algebra teachers' truck. (immature i know) and to make matters worse my business teacher told me he would have passed me.

duke of dorwood
03-17-2003, 02:21 PM
Next to Lloyd Petit, Jim Durham was the best announcer in this town in my lifetime.