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02-20-2003, 06:51 PM
In checking out some Sox history, it seems to me that Red Faber doesn't get the respect some of the other Sox greats get. He has almost identical stats to the beloved fellow HOFer Ted Lyons. His # is not retired <did he have one?> & he didn't make the '99 WSI team either. Just wondering about it.

02-20-2003, 06:58 PM
He did not have a uniform # - the practice of numbering uniforms came in in the '20s (the Yankees pioneered the practice).

Faber unfortunately gets overlooked, yes, mainly because he was on a team with so many good players in the 'teens, so he got overshadowed, he was hurt during most of the 1919 season, so he doesn't even get referenced for the "Black Sox" scandal, and in the '20s was kind of hurt by the live ball and the fact that the Sox pretty much stunk.

02-20-2003, 07:35 PM
faber pitched until 1933..so he had to have a number..right???

looking at faber's career id liken it to harold baines career..alot of red's accomplishments came from longevity...he had four 20 plus win seasons(which in that era wasnt that outstanding) but never won more than 15 games after the 1922 season...the 22 season wasnt even the half way point of his career..he also had 6 seasons out of 20 where he won less than 10 games..he only averaged about 12 wins a season...thats similiar to harold averaging 17 homers a season...

looks like after the '22 season he suffered some kind of injury...'20-'22 he pitched well over 300 innings each season..after that he only went over 200 innings 3 times with 238 the high mark...

if you break up his career the first 9 years of his career he was as good a pitcher as their was in baseball..the last 11 years were mediocre at best...

interesting side note on red...he was a switch hitter..didnt help him much..a 138 career hitter...