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02-10-2003, 12:23 PM
From today's Breaking Balls Article.

Quinn pitched until the PCL stopped play in July, 1918, because of World War I. The White Sox signed Quinn to play for them, and he went 5-1, but they missed the playoffs. Then the Yankees bought Quinn's contract from his idle PCL team, and the gloves came off, with the Yankees and Sox fighting over a 35-year old spitballer. The dispute was decided by the National Commission, a three-man team that governed baseball as the Commissioner does today (supposedly). In the end they awarded Quinn to the Yankees. Chicago owner Charles Comiskey never forgave AL President Ban Johnson for the decision, which led to a series of nasty fights a couple years later, when Comiskey wouldn't talk to Johnson about his suspicions regarding the 1919 Black Sox. When the scandal blew up, it led to the ascension of anti-gambling zealot Kennesaw Mountain Landis and eventually the formation of the power structure baseball has today.

Further, there's an argument to be made that had Quinn been a member of the infamous Black Sox, they might have been able to throw another untainted starter in the World Series and win the Series despite the fix.

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