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02-04-2003, 09:20 PM
Hey Sox fans.

I must tell you a story about those HKS pictures( the 2nd set, with the homerun porch and grand entrance in the outfield). One of my college buddies one day found the HKS site and showed it to me. Naturally I was very excited and sent it to all of my die hard college sox fans. Well I was so pumped up with how the stadium looked I e-mail the Sox, Jay Mariotti (I'm not a fan of his personally), HKS headquarters (in numerous cities), and the Score (WSCR 670, a few of the hosts).
Well it was rather a general e-mail asking about if these plans were still going to happen. I had told them I heard a rumor that there was somebody who was going to buy the naming rights but that fell through and I was curious to what the plans were. I don't recall the exact e-mail I sent and to whom I sent it to(many people in the sox organization at least 5). I said I was a die hard fan and was just wondering how the plans were going. I asked them not to fill me up with bogus comments like the park was going under major construction this off season because the poles in the outfield were now painted black. I asked if they had no real plans to be honest with me because I deserved honesty. The e-mail I sent was something along those lines. This e-mail went out before Thanksgiving and I only received one response, and that was from the white sox on DEC 6 of 2002. Here is the e-mail, I thought you would like to hear it. (Keep in mind this was date 12/6/02, before the Sox sold the naming rights)

Dear Mr. Stokas

I am writing in response to your recent email regarding the renovations that are
under way here at Comiskey Park.

You are, most likely, aware that we are in Phase III of a multi-year renovation
that will change the overall look of Comiskey Park. One of the ways that we can
plan each new stage is to have our architects make proposals with some ideas and
we use those, and other input, to make the final decisions. The rendering that
you located on the HKS website is an example of one such proposal. While I'd
like to tell you that the final vision is set in stone, the truth is that each
step is taken one year at a time with a general view of the final picture kept
in mind. This current phase for the off-season of 2002/2003 does not include
the home run porch or the new gate 6 entrance that is indicated on the plans
that you found. You should not despair, though! Remember that this is one more
year in the longer renovations and we are making some other changes that will be
announced via our website and the press in early 2003.

I am sorry that the information on the HKS website was confusing. When looking
at it, I was confused as well. While we are very excited for our fans to see
the "New" New Comiskey at the end of the final phase, we'd like to introduce it
as the different elements become firm in their plans and not in a long term

If you have any additional questions, please write me back. Otherwise, I do
hope you'll be out at Comiskey in 2003!


Anne Wheat
Coordinator of Guest Services


Oh yeah I almost forgot,

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Welcome aboard! :D:

A.T. Money
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That's a good first post...hehe.