View Full Version : Buehrle's whipped by family

02-01-2003, 05:49 PM
I know I've mentioned this before, but at Sox Fest on Saturday, I was reminded of it again. At a question and answer seminar involving Buehrle, KW, JM, Farmer, and Alomar, one person in the audience asked KW what more Buehrle had to do to secure a long-term contract with the club. I was sitting near the front off to right side. Along the wall on the right side of the stage were the participants' families. I noticed that when this question was asked, Buehrle's brother began smiling, nodding his head, and was the only one clapping. Buehrle on stage quickly turned his head and shook at his brother while mouthing "no".

My theory is that Mark lets his family govern him too much. There was that post from his "sister" about his contract status. In the quote that has now become famous from about a week ago, his parents' were the motivation, and now this. Buehrle needs to realize that he is not a kid anymore. He needs to make descisions on his own. So Mark, don't go anymore, we need you on the south side.